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703 - General Journal Entry Training

Greg Stevens
Tags: accounting, Bank, Financials, Training

Watch the video below to view our training program on how to handle entering General Journal Entries.


General Journal Entries are the ONLY way to make direct entries into the General Ledger.  For this reason they are powerful but can also create havoc in your system if not utilized properly.


     General Journal Entries


Suggested Procedural Stuff:

1. Make sure you have tight controls over what general journal entries are made, who makes them and what is the timing.  Timing counts!
2. Correcting or “adjustment” General Journal Entries should be properly documented as to why they are being made.
3. If your inside or outside accountant is making General Journal Entries make sure they understand how OnSite bookkeeping works as compared to other software packages.  Make sure they are not making assumptions based on previous experience.