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600 - Remote Training - Invoicing

Greg Stevens
Tags: Invoicing, Setup, Training



Invoicing is the process of turning a Sales Order into an invoice. There are a few things to note:

 1.   The invoicing process draws upon knowledge of the Chart of Accounts and Products. You should be familiar with how to use both of these sections before continuing with invoicing.

 2.   Sales Orders become Invoices. There are no separate records for Invoices. Order ID numbers become the Invoice number.

3.   In OnSite terminology, a Sales Order and Invoice are really the same thing; an order record. The difference is that once a Sales Order is invoiced, it has corresponding records in the General Ledger, and although it can still be seen from Sales, it cannot be modified.

 4.   If an Invoice is not in a closed or locked period, it can be “uninvoiced”, which removes its invoiced status and turns it back into a Sales Order, where it can be modified again.


  Invoicing Setup Video 



      Invoicing Sales Orders



       Bulk Invoicing Video  




         Procedural Considerations


1.   Will revenue and COG be driven off of the Order Type or line items or both?

2.   Will inventory be driven off of Company Setup, or off of Inventory Levels?  Will finished product be valued at a higher amount than the blank products that theyare made of?

3.   Invoicing is a GREAT area for final review of an order before it is converted to an invoice.  What is the "review checklist" for each order before invoicing?  Does this need to vary by order type?

4.   A manager or owner should spot check invoicing as part of a month-end procedure.

5.   Do you want to have settings that prevent invoicing until certain processes have been completed?