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402 - Remote Training - Art & Design Management

Greg Stevens
Tags: Calendars, designs, Logs, Setup, Training


Similar to Production, OnSite has features specifically designed for helping artists manage their production.     Artists can do several tasks:

1.     Manage their Design production schedule.

2.     Change the status of a Design.

3.     Log time against a Design.

4.     Update Design details.


Important Concepts - Managing Designs



 Design Setup for Administrators


Working With Designs for Managers & Employees


    Scheduling Designs




                  Procedural Considerations

1.   Who will be in charge of creating new designs for your company?

2.   Who is going to be in charge of updating design changes on Sales  Orders?

3.   Are you going to schedule designs on the Designs Calendar?  How will this be managed, and who will be in charge of this?