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400 - Remote Training - Production Setup For Administrators

Greg Stevens
Tags: Calendars, production, Setup, Training

                  Production Setup

Production Setup in OnSite is a combination of 3 different things.  Typically these things will be setup by an administrator. Once you have them setup properly, they will not change very often, if ever.
1. Event/Calendar Setup  Typically these will be for each “Department” or “Operation”.  Production Calendars can be filtered by Event, and you can have multiple Events on a Sales order.  Think of an “Event” as a production operation.  As we will see, Events can be created automatically based on Order Entry.  Examples might include:
  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Digital Printing
  • Folding
  • Hang Tagging
2. Machine Setup  Should be done for each Machine in each department of your shop.  Machines have Production Times and Logging Activities associated with them.
3. Order Types  Order Types have Events associated with them that can automatically be created when a new Sales Order is entered in the system.

                  Production Setup Resources


  Production Setup Introduction



 Production Event Setup



     Production Machinery Setup



Procedural Considerations


1. How will you setup the Production System for your company?

2. Who will be in charge of managing the schedule?

3. What procedures and policies do you need for prioritizing production?