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302 - Remote Training - Receiving

Greg Stevens
Tags: Inventory, Receiving, Setup, Training


                      Receiving has 3 main sections to it:
                      1. Receiving By Purchase Order  The most commonly used type of receiving, as it most closelymatches the real                               world.
                      2. Receiving By Order  Used primarily for Contract orders, but can be used for any order type.
                      3. Inventory Receiving  Specifically used when receiving items that will go into your inventory.

                      Receiving Resources


      Receiving Overview


     Receiving by Purchase Order



      Receiving by Sales Order 



       Processing Inventory Transactions




                     Procedural Considerations

              1.  What type of receiving will you mostly do for your company?

              2.  What procedures will you need to implement in Receiving?

              3.  Who will mark items as received in the system?