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What is the best way to access OnSite remotely?


There are several different technologies you can use to access your OnSite system remotely.  This is useful when you want to work from home, access your system while on the road, or to give access to salespersons working from there homes.


All of these technologies fall under 1 of 2 categories:


1. Remote Control


Using programs like GoToMyPC (or others...) you login to your computer at work from a remote location and can use that computer.   This will only work if you have a physical computer at work to take control of.


2. Virtual Desktop


Using software like Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services, you have a server at your office that creates one or more "virtual" computers on a single computer.  

ShopWorks Offers a "Cloud Hosted" service  where we host your files on a remote server and your users can access the system remotely.  For more information on this service see video below

ShopWorks Cloud Hosting video


In both of these technologies the information being transmitted over the internet are screen shots only (at a very fast rate).  Performance is typically very good and will vary based on internet connections both at your office and where you are accessing the system remotely.