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What is EDP?

Tags: EDP, Integrations

EDP (External Data Processor) is a module in OnSite that allows you to convert text into a sales order and related customer, designs and contact information. There are two types of transactions that can be performed in the OnSite system.

"Inbound" EDP - transactions are used to take text information and convert it into a sales order.

"Outbound" EDP - transactions are used to convert a purchase order to text for the purposes of sending to a vendor or subcontractor. If that subcontractor is also using OnSite they will be able to convert your PO into a sales order.

Practical  Uses

- Orders are generated from a website and are processed into your OnSite system.

-  A 3rd party application takes or creates sales orders and they are processed into your OnSite system

Please click the link below for more information on EDP:

EDP Kit (Development Guide, Processing guide and sample EDP orders)

EDP Developer Kit Download


     External Data Processor