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Shopify Integration with OnSite 8.4

Greg Stevens
Tags: Integrations, Orders, Setup

In OnSite 8.4, you now have the ability to integrate with Shopify via an API.  This feature allows the OnSite system to grab online orders from your Shopify web order sites.  Below are a series of videos on how to setup the integration.


Below are the instructions needed to setup your server to automatically download API orders based on a schedule you choose.

  API Orders Dowload  - Server Setup Instuctions



01- Shopify - Integration Basics



02 - Shopify - Website Setup



03 -Shopify - Product Setup



04 - Shopify - OnSite Setup



05 - Shopify - OnSite Product Setup



06 - Shopify  - Order Processing



07 - Shopify  - Avalara Sales Tax



 08 - Shopify  - OnSite Sales Tax