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101 - Remote Training - Employee Setup

Jay Malanga
Tags: Employee, onboarding, Setup, systembasics, training, utilities


Your system will have been installed with a set of Default Employee Roles.  These are default employees with access assigned for the specific department they work in. Using the Default Employee Role will assist you to quickly assign access to your employees who will be actively working in your OnSite system. Note* these access settings can still be edited to provide an employee additional access to other features based on their responsibilities at your company.

               Employee Setup Resources


                 Default Employee Roles





Employee Setup Video



 Emailing  and Messaging



             Procedural Considerations

1.    Which employees need access to what areas of the software?

2.    Try to divide tasks among employees to avoid fraud as much as possible.  For example, unless they are a business owner, the same person writing checks should not be doing bank reconciliations.  Follow business “best practices” and consult with your accountant before making accounting area access decisions.