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How do I enter an order in the OnSite system?

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Correct Order Entry is the most important process in using the OnSite system because most other system processes are driven off of Order Entry.  If Order Entry is done correctly, then these processes are more likely to operate the way you want them.

Entering an order flows in a way very similar to a traditional paper order form. A user selects a customer and design. Products are selected for the Sales Order. The User determines which products get which designs and how much to charge for them, etc. Because of this, understanding Order Entry requires the understanding of other parts of the system as well.

Keep in mind when using this manual that the order entry process is VERY customizable from company to company. The examples used here may differ from what information you will use for your company. Focus on the processes that are being explained and understand that much of what you are seeing is customizable for your company.




                    Important Concepts - Order Types 





                    Order Entry Basics





                    Order Entry Line Items 





                    Order Entry Shipping Specifications