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Financial Statements Overview and Setup


The Financial reporting section of OnSite allows Users to perform a variety of functions which are listedbelow.

Flash Financials: Profit/Loss statements or Balance Sheets can be created for specific and sometimes non-conventional periods of time. Flash Financials can be performed anytime and are NOT tied into the closing of months. 

Close Months: Closing Months prohibits any User from making changes to General Ledger Transactions within the period closed. Financial Statements are associated with each Closed Month.

Budgets: Budgets are used to track sales and expenses and to compare them to other budgets or to Flash or Closed Month Financials. OnSite 7 allows Users to store as many Budgets as they need in the system.

Lock Months: This is a new feature in OnSite 7 that allows Users with specific Access Rights to stop all Users from making ledger entries in specific sections during the specified month. No Profit/Loss statement or Balance Sheet information get created with this feature.


Financial Overview and Setup Document


 Financial Overview and Setup Video